Playing live

Having access to production tools is a recent phenomenon for musicians. 30-40 years ago musicians usually use to stick to their own instrument and leave other aspects of producing music to other specialists. You would seldom see someone who was a drummer and a guitar player and a keyboard player and programmer and arranger and […]

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On Record Companies

We have gone through a revolution when it comes to music production. What used to be limited to a very small number of music producers, singers and bands – namely to be able to go in a studio and record their songs profesionally – has now been made available to the masses. Given that hardware […]

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What makes a song a “classic”. The melody? Tons of advert jingles have great catchy melodies. Do any of them get any love after 6 months? Not likely. The lyrics? There are many great song lyrics which will rival great poetry but don’t get the amount of praise that a song in a foreign language […]

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Vocal Production

Vocals in pop music (99.99999% of all published music today) is the single most important element in the song. Vocals is what allows the listener to connect to the melody as everyone can sing along the vocals. Modern technology has produced tools that save tremendous amounts of time and energy. 30-40 years ago musicians in […]

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So what is mastering exactly? Mastering is the final process before the record is sent to the vinyl or CD duplication plant or rather nowadays before it is put on iTunes, Spotify or Youtube. What mastering originally did was to make sure that songs within an album sounded cohesive when the record played from start […]

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