Vocal Production

Vocals in pop music (99.99999% of all published music today) is the single most important element in the song. Vocals is what allows the listener to connect to the melody as everyone can sing along the vocals.

Modern technology has produced tools that save tremendous amounts of time and energy. 30-40 years ago musicians in the studio had to do dozens even sometimes hundreds of takes to get the golden “perfect take” comped together from multiple smaller takes .

Today editing tools allow us to fix timing and pitch problems easily.

However – no editing will make you sound like Freddie Mercury. All editing can do is to help your vocals come in with perfect timing and hitting the pitch of the note while singing a melody. The texture of your voice, your energy, your emotion these cannot be faked or fixed.

However we do have other tools that will augment the desired qualities while taming the unwanted qualities in a vocal performance. Tools which have been staples in music production for the past 60 years such as EQ, compressors, limiters, time based effects such as delay, reverb and chorus – all of them help the artist to create the emotion in the listener.

Creating the best possible vocal sound and performance of your recordings and help it sit better with the other elements that make up the song such as the beat, bass and sustained instruments is possible with the right tools and knowledge.

I can help you achieve the desired result without compromises. Drop me a line to start the discussions today.

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